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About Us

iVirtual studio is a team of young professionals with many years of experience in digital photography.
In recent years , we have specialized in producing 360 ° virtual tours , and so far we have a large number of successful projects .
Every new project for us is a challenge , whether it's about a clasic photography or 360 ° virtual presentation . We are professional, responsible and quick.
Give us a chance to introduce ourselves and we will assure you that everything written here is not self-promotion.
We are looking forward to hear from you.


Why 360° virtual tour?

Virtual tours produced by iVirtual studio are presentations in superior quality and are the most interactive way to show your property , business or product within a single application ,very easy to use and navigate .
Be visually different from your competition , impress your future clients and business partners.
And never forget that the first impression is the most important one.

virtual tours

360° Virtual Tours are best for

• Hotels, apartments and hostels
• City centers
• Real estate, architecture
• Interior design
• Shopping centers and offices
• Restaurants, clubs, bars
• Cultural and tourist attractions
• Art galleries and museums
• Sports facilities, gyms, fitness centers

HDR Technology

All virtual tours are processed using HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology. Unlike standard photos HDR provides you with higher quality and more realistic representation.
• Smartphone and Tablet, Android and Windows Phone platforms
• iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
• Android devices (Android smartphones & tablets)
• Windows Phone devices (Windows based phones & tablets)

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  Tel.: + 387 61 310 545






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